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The Walworth County Fair Foundation

It was a cold winter evening in December 2001, when a group of forward thinking Walworth County Fair Directors proposed to the members of the Association the formation of a Fair Foundation with the future of your great Fair in mind.

It wasn’t long before we had a group of Directors on board to make this foundation one of the first in the Wisconsin Fair industry.

I would like to personally express my appreciation to the Board Members and Staff that have worked so hard to make this project a reality. On behalf of the Fair Foundation and Fair Boards we would like to express our appreciation to all of you that stepped forward to work on this project and continue the rich tradition of your fine Fair.

I hope that we can continue to receive your support in building this endowment fund for the future of the Fair through the next century.

Thank you,

Duane D. Katzman, Past Foundation President

Long-Term Goals

From it beginning in 1850s, the Walworth County Fair has been one of the leading county fairs in the Midwest, having been recognized by several publications as a leader in programs for youth through its junior department and adults through its open class exhibits.

The association grounds and building are a model in the fair industry and presently include nearly 100 acres in the city of Elkhorn.

During its existence the fair has received the support of the entire County of Walworth as well as surrounding counties. The success of your fair has been due not only to the solid foundation upon which it was laid, but also through the united support of all its members which totaled 7,500 in 2009.

It is with the future of the fair in mind that the board of the Walworth County Agricultural Society, Inc. founded the Walworth County Fair Foundation Inc. on November 1, 2001 to build an endowment fund for the future needs of the fair. This will also ensure that new programs can continue to provide the citizens of our area with a wholesome and educational experience throughout the next century.

What Can You Do?


Through your will you can designate a portion of your estate to the Walworth County Fair Foundation, Inc.

Charitable Gift:

Through a charitable gift, the assets you give to the foundation are not part of your estate, therefore you will be able to give to charity the money that would have gone to pay estate taxes. An immediate charitable income tax deduction may be used to reduce current income taxes. If you give the foundation stock or other assets that have increased in value, you will not have to pay taxes on the sale if sold by the foundation.

Memorials and Tributes:

Memorial gifts give you the opportunity to preserve the memory of a special person. Gifts to the Fair Foundation can also honor a special person or celebrate a special occasion.


You may contribute money, real estate or other specific property to the Fair Foundation for a special project or to the General Fund for a short-term use.

Walworth Co. Fair Foundation Donor Brick Program


We'd like to extend a most sincere thanks our donors