Media Requests

Walworth County Fairgrounds Media Request


As an extension of Walworth County Fairgrounds’ commitment to Fair attendees and the sensitive nature of artists’ rights, Walworth County Fairgrounds management has established the following policies regarding media credentials:

  • Walworth County Fairgrounds defines “Media” as: journalists, photographers, editors or producers who have a verified and specific editorial assignment to cover the Fair or show for a specific media outlet (print, radio, TV, online).
  • Only actively covering, legitimate media will be considered for credentials. Analysts, Market Researchers, Marketing/Advertising firms, Brand Content Producers, Consultants, Educators, Filmmakers, etc. are not included in the Walworth County Fairgrounds definition of legitimate media. If you fall into this category, but are a contributor to an outlet that meets our qualifications, you must be on assignment, and provide a Letter of Assignment from your Editor.
  • We do not consider social media, personal blogs or a compilation of photos, videos or articles unrelated to Walworth County Fairgrounds official events as press coverage.
  • Advertising personnel, marketing and sales associates, runners, personal assistants or guests, and other similar support staff employed by media outlets do not qualify for Media Credentials.
  • If you are a freelance journalist or photographer, you must be on assignment from a publication and provide an official letter of assignment.
  • If you have covered the Fair in the past but recently changed media affiliation, accreditation is subject to Walworth County Fairgrounds approval of the applicant’s new affiliation.
  • Your application is not considered complete until receipt of your letter of assignment and photo ID. Please include copies with your application.
  • Once your application is complete, please allow Walworth County Fairgrounds two (2) business days to consider your request.
  • Approved media will be also be added to the Walworth County Fairgrounds press list and receive ongoing information about Fair developments, education programs, exhibitor updates and other news.
  • Walworth County Fairgrounds maintains the right to issue, deny, or revoke Media Credentials at its discretion at any and all times.